White cloakroom design highlights the stylish personality

July 04, 2021

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] White is one of the most common colors, and the simple white color is actually a very versatile color. White jewelry, white clothes, white home decoration, if you want to include all the beauty and elegance, it is worse than a white cloakroom. Not only white, but also a mirror design, omnipresent personality.

White wardrobe decoration

This cloakroom design is mainly white, crystal lamp, European wardrobe, a large mirror, with a gray round sofa, sitting here, try all kinds of clothes, is it super beautiful?

Mirror cloakroom

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The overall wardrobe in the cloakroom is covered with three walls and looks very luxurious. At the same time, in order to make better use of the space, the designer has built the cabinet door into a mirror wall. You can wear the clothes and take photos casually.

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