Where is the second-hand furniture market?

February 17, 2021

Years ago, Uncle Wang, who lives in Guyang New Village, simply decorated the house. Seeing that the environment at home has become better, Uncle Wang feels that the old furniture is out of place with the house, so he thinks about changing a piece of furniture. But the trouble comes with it - what should I do with old furniture after new furniture arrives? Uncle Wang inquired about the market of the old furniture market in the city, and felt that the freight and the sale of furniture were similar. If you sell it, it is not worthwhile. If you want to give it away, you will be repeatedly rejected. In desperation, Uncle Wang is going to throw away a few pieces of used furniture. The size of the object is so large that the cleaning workers in the community are difficult to clean up. No way, in the end, he can only put things in the son's home in the same community.

Yesterday, the reporter visited a number of communities in the city and found that the phenomenon of discarding used furniture at random (see photo), especially in the old community, corridors, buildings, and even garage tops, as long as they are empty, may It becomes a "stopping station" for waste furniture such as tables, chairs, sofas, and coffee tables, which hinders the beauty of the community.

A few sofas are left unattended all the year round.

Become the resting place of the elderly

On the open space below the No. 21 card in Huashan Bay New Village, there are several dilapidated sofas on the wall. The three residents sit on it and enjoy the sun and chat. One of the old ladies told the reporter: "The old sofas have been thrown here for a long time. No one wants them. When we come back for a few years of shopping or walking, we like to sit here."

There are more than one place in the community where scrap furniture is gathered. Walking around this community, you will find that piles of large waste can be easily seen on the open space between the building and the building. In addition to the sofa, wooden doors, aluminum alloy windows, wooden tables and chairs. It is also a "mainstream member" among them. What's more, some residents put suffocating bicycles and discarded furniture in the building hole for the convenience of the map, so that the place that was not spacious is even more "Large slimming", and there is no way to put it, it is directly erected on the wall or hanged on the top of the garage.

Looking at the big guys everywhere, many residents complained. "A long time, the more piles of used furniture, the more affected the image of the community, but also the environment in which everyone lives." A resident who just got off work. Can't help but spit.

Ms. Zhu, a citizen, is also plagued by scrap furniture. Ms. Zhu lives in the Wald Garden and always wants to change a wooden bed. However, since the old bed in the house has not been disposed of, the purchase plan has not been implemented. Ms. Zhu said, "I have a hard time finding a store that collects old furniture, but the purchase price of a bed is only a few tens of yuan, and the shipping cost is 100 yuan. I have to pay for the bed. I thought about it. Just throw it away, you can be such a big object, where should you throw it?"

Waste collection station: no waste furniture

Adjustment market: market demand is not big

Yesterday morning, at a waste collection station on the Seventh Road, when the reporter asked whether to buy old furniture, the workers waved their hands again and again. "What do you want to do with waste furniture? No one wants it." Another Wang surnamed special waste collection. On the billboard at the door of the master's house, it also indicated that “the shop recycles waste paper, hardware, iron, etc.”, he said, “As long as the furniture is stainless steel doors and windows, other furniture has never been collected, and nothing is profitable.”

Waste furniture is not only "waiting to see" in the scrap market, but also in the second-hand furniture market. According to the staff of an old furniture market near Yingjiang Bridge, due to the high cost of furniture transportation, they are not far apart or the single business is relatively small. She calculated the account, "an ordinary old desk price. For tens of dollars, the transportation cost of workers is likely to exceed the cost of selling old furniture."

Master Su of the ancient city adjustment line has been engaged in the purchase of used furniture for more than ten years. He told reporters that the purchase of old furniture is basically a house renter and migrant workers. The demand for old furniture by these two groups is not large, so The business on the market is not too good now.

When the reporter interviewed, Jiemei, who is selling scrap products at Master Wang’s house, believes that information on second-hand items trading can often be seen online. “The furniture that needs to be sold can be transferred through the Internet. Maybe the price is still higher than that in the old market. "Zhu Jian, who is also on the side selling scrap products, feels that there are too many uncertain factors in online trading, and this method is not necessarily suitable for the purchase group of old furniture. "If the community can set up large waste parts in a fixed area. It is better for everyone."

Sanitation department, property:

Will regularly send people to clean up

When interviewed by reporters in various communities, some citizens said that some discarded furniture began to “root” as soon as it landed, and no one cares about it, which affected the community environment and residents. The reporter asked three sanitation workers in different communities along the way. They all said that because the waste furniture is generally large in size, it is difficult to clean or transport. Therefore, they will not take the initiative to deal with the waste.

Ms. Ma, the person in charge of the property of Ward Garden, said that the garbage in the community is generally divided into domestic garbage and construction waste, and the two are cleaned up by different professionals. “The cleaning staff in the community are generally only responsible for cleaning and transporting domestic garbage, but like waste. The furniture is such a large-volume item, and the community has an area dedicated to the residents to pile up, and will be regularly taken away."

Ms. Ma said that because it costs more than one hundred yuan to transport a car, if the owner has to abandon more furniture, the owner will have to bear some of the cleaning costs.

Subsequently, the reporter contacted Ma Hancheng, deputy director of the Jingkou District Urban Management Bureau Jingkou Environmental Protection Institute. He said that the used furniture is not classified as garbage. At present, the city does not have a special recycling system and regulations for used furniture. However, the sanitation office still The discarded furniture discarded around the waste bin will be cleaned regularly and transported to an incineration power plant for disposal.

Stone of other mountains

Japan: I will throw old furniture on the side of the public garbage bins regularly, and those who can use them will be taken away. If they are not used, they will be collected by garbage collectors.

Canada: When selling a house, clean the house, arrange it, and put a price tag on the furniture. The house will immediately become a ready-made showroom. All the people who visit the house may become buyers of the furniture.

Germany: There are regulations on recycling in the laws of the country. Therefore, furniture is generally recycled. It is usually used as a sheet for the production of furniture. A very small amount of unusable fuel can be used for incineration.

Austria: A certain period of time in the community to launch second-hand items trading activities in the “flea market”.

Australia: If the furniture is old but not damaged, you can ask the charity to take it away. The charity will get the second-hand shop to sell it, and the funds will help the organization to operate.

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