Water-permeable base layer paving and rolling method

September 06, 2021

The ground floor is made of gravel, which is mainly formed by interspersed and inlaid corners to form a structural layer. Therefore, the paving operation should be carried out manually. It is forbidden to use an earth-moving machine and a grader for paving to prevent the grindstone from being rounded. Affect its interpenetration firmness.


The paving gravel layer should be paved with a virtual thickness and should not be used for multiple repairs. The imaginary thickness is obtained through the test method. Generally, the artificial paving operation is the design thickness multiplied by 1.45. The paving gravel shall have uniform distribution of particles, and the thickness of the virtual shop shall be the same. From the beginning of paving, all vehicles shall be cut off from the flat surface, and the cleanliness of the paving layer shall be maintained.

After the paving is leveled, a large amount of water should be sprinkled and rolling begins. The roller should be regulated with a light drum roller. The roller travels at a slow speed and is rolled from a low position to a high position. Each time the shaft is rolled When pressing, the rollers should overlap, the three-wheel roller should be 1/2 of the width of the rear wheel, and the roller roller should not be less than 30cm at a time.

First, use 6~8t rollers to regulate the pressure, control the speed at 25~30m per minute, roll 4~6 times, conduct inspections and make repairs on the low-lying areas. The high-level areas should be broken out of the gravel and used for heavy-duty rollers. Pressure, roller weight more than 12t, can not use vibratory roller, rolling speed of 30 ~ 35m per minute, with rolling, with sprinkler, water consumption is less, each water consumption per square meter does not exceed 1000g, rolling The number of passes is 6 to 10 times.

After the gravel rolling is smooth and solid, splash the water again, and then spread 15~25mm caulking material. As the rolling pressure is even with the broom, water should be splashed once every 2~3 times. The water consumption is not more than 1000g. The roller when caulking should use heavy-duty roller, more than 12t, the rolling speed is 40~50m for every 1min, and the number of roller-pressing times should not be too much, and the roller track should be less than 5mm.

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