UV Scrubbing Ink Formulation Design Considerations

July 17, 2019

UV matte ink, also known as imitation metal etching ink, is a new type of UV curable ink. The preferred printing method is screen printing. The substrate is mostly gold, silver cardboard or other paper-plastic composite materials with strong mirror effect and drying method. UV UV light curing. Because of its strong sand-feeling, it is beautiful, elegant, and generous, and it has been promoted very quickly. In a few short years, it has occupied a considerable proportion in high-end packaging and printing fields such as cigarette packs, wine bags, and cosmetics. However, due to the lower investment threshold of the ink, the level of the recipe designer is uneven, and the available raw materials are involved in a wide range; and the ink is currently still standard at the international or domestic level. Therefore, in the printing process, especially in large-volume industrial production, there are inevitably problems with this or that, talk about UV matte ink in the formulation process should consider several factors for the reference of their peers.

First, the printability of V matte ink In general, UV matte ink printing in small quantities, there will be no serious printing problems, but the whole body of dynamic screen printing machine for high-volume high-speed production, there will be problems. If thousands of sheets or tens of thousands of sheets are printed, the UV matte ink cannot be completely spread on the screen, resulting in a uniform state in the matte state; the UV matte ink is too thin or poor in compatibility, resulting in edge running, bottom exposure, and the like. To solve this type of problem, first of all pay attention to the following three points in UV matte ink formulation:
1. It is to ensure that the thixotropy of UV frosted ink is relatively good, relatively thick at rest, and relatively thin at the time of printing;
2. It is to ensure that the UV-abrasive ink has suitable viscosity and has suitable adhesion to the screen;
3. It is necessary to ensure that the UV matte ink has a suitable dilute consistency.

Second, the quality of raw materials UV matte ink printing large quantities of UV matte ink residue, which is a headache for many printing manufacturers, because a large number of residues not only make printer manufacturers greatly increase the cost, but also seriously affect the production efficiency. In the design of UV matte inks, careful examination of the raw materials used must be performed. The first is to ensure that the size of the raw material is compatible with the mesh size; the second is to ensure compatibility of various raw materials, no chemical reactions, good printability, and high over-web rate;

The third is to save according to requirements (shade, airtight, dark) and under normal conditions (20-26°C) without dark reaction. Even the slightest gel or photosensitive reactants can lead to printing. Sexuality declines and the rate of over-netting decreases. Third, the raw material composition of UV matte ink Some printing companies in order to reduce costs, will use some of the relatively poor quality of gold and silver cardboard, it is prone to UV matte ink gold micro-dissolved on the card paper, even in serious gold All dissolve, leaving the entire print white. Then, to overcome this type of problem, when designing a UV matte ink formulation, it is necessary to consider the composition of various raw materials in a comprehensive manner so as to ensure that the proportion of the large molecular weight and the low molecular weight component does not allow the relatively small molecular weight material to dissolve the gold card. The background color. Of course, reducing the amount of exposure and shortening the time from printing to curing of printed products will also have a better effect on overcoming the whiteness of printed products.

Fourth, UV matte ink drying problem Because of the different UV lamps used by various printing manufacturers, the power is not the same, the printing speed is not the same, it may result in the use of the same UV matte ink, in a factory curing is not transparent, but in Another manufacturer has cured too much and the photosensitizer remains too much. If it is not cured, it will stick to it, and if there is too much residual photosensitizer, it will increase the odor of the printed matter. Therefore, UV matte ink formulations must be highly targeted and must fully understand the printing equipment manufacturers, the number of UV lamps, power, and printing speed. Then according to the actual situation, on the one hand to ensure the appropriate drying speed, so that the residual amount as small as possible; In addition, as far as possible the use of odorless photosensitizer, you can ensure that the UV matte ink is basically odorless after curing, and not anti-adhesion. In short, in the design of UV matte ink formulations, it is necessary to fully understand the performance of various raw materials in UV matte inks, conduct a comprehensive and accurate inspection of compatibility, stability, and printability. After repeated trials and trials, we must constantly explore And improvements to make the UV matte ink composition more in line with the printing manufacturer's requirements.

Reprinted from: China Ink Web

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