The processing of the common problems of the bag cutting machine

October 25, 2020

First, the common faults and processing methods slitting machine 1, slitting photoelectric tracking is not accurate - processing methods:
(1) Optoelectronic eye adjustment methods and working conditions are not correctly selected and should be readjusted according to the specification;
(2) The color difference between the traced line or edge and the surrounding film material is not obvious, and the contrast of the color difference should be increased.
2. Insufficiency of winding tension - Treatment method: When the voltage of the lower tension control device of the magnetic powder clutch is controlled high, the winding tension is still not enough, the winding film material is loose, and the winding shaft can be grasped by hand to make it Stop turning. Note that the output torque of the magnetic powder clutch is not enough, and the magnetic powder therein is reduced or invalid due to a large amount of time. In this case, the magnetic powder clutch should be disassembled, and a new amount of magnetic powder of a certain amount of traffic can be added to the normal work.
The main and common faults are basically two types of faults, and some minor faults in actual operation. Experienced operators can generally handle the faults themselves.
Second, the bag machine common faults and treatment 1, stepping motor has a different sound when turned on, can not send the film - processing methods:
(1) Check that the main motor is turning correctly and adjust to the correct direction indicated by the arrow.
(2) Whether the stepper motor driver shows a fault or not, shutting off the main power supply and resuming power can return to normal.
2, the length of the film feeding process is different, the feeding size is shorter than the pre-adjusted size is shorter than 5mm, the work process does not send a film intermittently - processing methods:
(1) The photoeye sensitivity is poorly adjusted or the polarity is not selected correctly.
(2) Earth leakage or short circuit between the photoelectric switch socket and the earth should be replaced.
(3) The feeding speed is lower than the feeding speed. It is necessary to loosen the lamination bars, check the discharge part performance, and troubleshoot.
3. The torque of the smashing motor is obviously reduced and the bag size is not accurate. It means that the stepper drive is faulty, or the connecting part of the rubber roller and the stepping motor is stuck.
4. Photoelectric tracking is inaccurate when making bag - Processing method:
(1) The photoelectric eye adjustment method and working condition are not correctly selected, and it is adjusted correctly according to the instructions.
(2) The pre-adjusted film feeding length (when adjusting the blank bag) and the actual bag size error are too large. The line length or pressure adjustment and adjustment device should be set again.
(3) The excessive film resistance or poor quality of the previous process product should be checked and replaced.
5, discharge speed is low or not working - handling method:
(1) Poor eye contact or poor cam angle should be adjusted or replaced.
(2) Breakdown of thyristor or rectifier tube of discharge speed regulating circuit board shall be repaired or replaced.
Mechanical equipment and its processing objects, here we specifically refer to plastic film, have a mutually adaptable characteristics, that is, a mechanical equipment can only process plastic film within a certain range of properties, we understand the nature of plastic film based on , starting from the three elements of the bag, that is: pressure, temperature, hot pressing time, in the bag (on the premise of guaranteeing the hot pressing strength, relatively speaking) the hot pressure is greater, the hot pressing temperature is lower, the hot pressing time To be long, the compound bag hot pressure seal after such treatment is beautiful, beautiful, and upright.

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