The crux of carton loss and its cure

July 05, 2019

Carton business loss is a major factor affecting the cost, loss control is good, can greatly increase the efficiency of enterprises, improve product competitiveness. The following briefly analyzes the various losses in the carton factory.

The total loss of the carton plant is simply the amount of raw paper input minus the finished goods. For example, the input amount of raw paper for the month should be 1 million square meters, and the finished product storage amount is 90.
Million square meters, then the total loss of the factory in the month = (100-90) = 10
Ten thousand square meters, the total loss rate is 10/100×100%-10%. This total loss can only be a very general number. However, the loss will be more clearly and clearly assigned to each process, and it will also make it easier for us to identify ways to reduce losses and breakthroughs.

Corrugated board cardboard loss

1. Defective product loss: Defective product refers to a defective product that has been cut by a cutting machine.
Formula definition: loss area = (repair width × cut number) × cut length × number of defective product cuts Cause: improper operation of the staff, the quality of the original paper, poor bonding and so on.

Improvement measures: Enhance operator management and control the quality of the base paper.

2. Loss of ultra-products: Ultra-products refer to more qualified products that are scheduled to run. For example, 100 papers are scheduled to be fed, resulting in 105 sheets of qualified products, of which 5 are super products.

Formula definition: Ultra-product loss area = (repair width × cut number) × cut length × (number of defective cutters - number of chop cutters) Causes: The amount of paper on the corrugator is too large, and the corrugator is inaccurately connected.
Improvement measures: The use of a corrugating machine production management system can solve problems such as inaccurate paper feeding and inaccurate sheet-feeding on a single-tile machine. 3. Trimming Loss: Trimming refers to the part of the trimming pressure line repaired by the complex tile machine when it is trimmed.

Formula definition: edging loss area = (paper - trim width × cut number) × cut length × (good cut + bad product number of cuts) Cause: Normal loss, but if too large should analyze the reasons. For example: the order's purview is 981

Mm of paper web, while corrugating machine needs minimum trimming width of 20mm, then 981 mm + 20mm = 1001 mm, just larger than I OOOmm

The width of the trimmed web is 1050mm-981mm=69mm, which is much larger than the normal edge trimming, resulting in an increase in the trimming loss area.

Improvement measures: If it is the above reasons, you can consider such an order without trimming, use 1000mm paper to go paper, and roll off together when printing the box in the rear section, which can save 50mm

Width of paper, but this will reduce the printing efficiency to a certain extent. Another countermeasure is that the sales department can take this into account in order to undertake orders, improve order structure, and optimize orders. 4. Tab skip loss: Tab skip refers to the portion of the base paper that is lacking in the basic paper web, which needs to be generated when the paper is fed through a wider web. For example, the order should go 1000mm

Paper webs, but due to the lack of 1000mm base paper or other reasons, need to use 1050mm paper, the more out of 50mm is a tab.

Formula definition: tab loss area = (post-span paper-schedule) × cut length × (good cuts + defective cuts)

Reasons: Raw paper is not properly prepared or the sales department's original paper procurement is not timely.

Improvement measures: The company's procurement should review the purchase of raw paper and prepare the warehouse to meet the needs of customers. Try to cooperate with customers to prepare paper and realize the working mode of the T model. On the other hand, the sales department must advance the material demand list and give the procurement department a procurement cycle to ensure that the base paper is accurately placed. The loss of defective products and the loss of ultra products should be attributed to the performance loss of the corrugated board production department. It can be used as an assessment indicator of the department to promote improvement.

Losses can not be eliminated. What we can do is to reduce losses to the lowest possible and most reasonable through various methods and techniques. Therefore, the purpose of subdividing the loss is to let each relevant process know whether the various losses are reasonable, and whether there is room for improvement and what needs to be improved (for example, excessive consumption of ultra products may require review of the connection of the corrugator Accurate, excessive loss of tab grid, may need to review the original paper is reasonable, etc., to achieve the purpose of control and reduce losses, reduce costs, improve product competitiveness, and can be based on various losses to various departments to develop assessment indicators, Rewards are rewarded and rewarded, which increases the enthusiasm of operators to reduce losses.

Printing box loss

1. Increase the amount of loss: due to the printing machine test machine, accidents and other circumstances in the production of the carton, it will inevitably produce a certain amount of loss, so in the order schedule will add a certain amount of additional system.

Formula definition: increase the amount of loss area = schedule plus system quantity × carton unit area

There are many reasons for this, such as large loss of printing presses, low operating level of printing press operators, and large packing loss in the back section. In addition, there is no control over the amount of sales orders imposed by the sales department. In fact, there is no need to add so much processing. Excessive quantity of system will lead to unnecessary super system. If the system is indigestible, it will become a "dead inventory," which is an overstock, and it is an unnecessary loss. . Improvement measures: This item should be the performance loss of the printing box department, which can be used as an assessment indicator of the department, promote the improvement of personnel quality and operation level, strengthen the gates for the sales department to increase the number of orders, and make the production of complex and simple production. To be different, it is recommended that the first piece be included in the amount of increase, from the source control, to avoid unnecessary overshoot or underproduction.

2. Roll-off loss: During the production of the carton, the peripheral part of the cardboard which is rolled off by the die-cutting machine is the edge loss.

Formula definition: edge loss area = (spared area - area after rolling) × number of warehousing Causes: normal loss, but the number should be analyzed when the cause is too large. There are also automatic, manual, semi-automatic die cutting machines, and the required edge requirements are also different. Therefore, different die-cutting machines must be pre-applied with corresponding edge-rolling to reduce the edge-loss as much as possible. 3. Full version trimming losses: Some cartons require no edge leakage. In order to ensure quality, it is necessary to add a certain area (such as an increase of 20mm) to the circumference of the original carton to ensure that the rolled out carton does not leak out. The increased 20mm part is the full-page trimming loss.

Formula definition: full version trimming loss area = (paper preparation area - actual carton area) × stock quantity

Cause: Normal loss, but when the number is too large should analyze the reasons and improve

After practice, it has been proved that in the scientific management mode, the loss can be controlled. As long as the company adopts a reasonable solution, the loss will no longer be the company's "pain" forever.

Solutions to current problems in production

Loss problem

The loss problem is the most important problem in current production. Too much loss not only affects the company's cost, but also weakens the company's overall competitiveness. The following sixteen words can concisely indicate the direction of efforts for each process, namely, "full participation, standard work, quality-oriented, and reduction of wear and tear."

2. On-site IE improvements to eliminate production waste

Wasted work should not happen. Once it is discovered, it must be resolved in time. It mainly includes seven kinds of waste: surplus, waiting, handling, processing, inventory, movement, and defective products.

To eliminate waste, first of all, there must be a “change from me and improve by me” attitude. Each process starts from its own reality, discards conservative ideas, and negates bad phenomena. The reason for bad causes is to ask “why” and then it is clear that “improvement is "Infinite", do not be complacent with small achievements.

3.LEAN production method

(1) Meaning: Words are literally interpreted as being thin, without the meaning of fat, ie without any waste, the most suitable production method.

The past production methods allowed a small number of defects and a certain number of safety stocks, but the LEAN production method did not accept bad, inventories, and eliminated all business without added value.
(2) The necessity is mainly the improvement in the following three aspects:
1 management SYSTEM (system) improvement;
2 improvement of the production environment;
3 Consumers demand quality diversity.
(3) Characteristics of LEAN production methods:
1 Pay attention to the personal capabilities of employees;
2 emphasis on SPEED (speed);
3 strict quality management;
4 wasted ZERO (to eliminate waste).

Reprinted from: China Packaging News

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