Talking about Printing Dosage Control

October 24, 2019

During the printing process of a sheet-fed offset printing press, especially for fine prints that use coated paper and for printing a large amount of ink, in order to prevent the ink from becoming dirty, dusting is usually used when printing the last color.

At present, new type offset printing presses do not use or use less powder, and light irradiation drying devices gradually become popular. However, most of the paper drying systems on the offset printing press are high-stage delivery, which is expensive. Domestic printing companies rarely order this system when they order printing presses. Therefore, most printing companies have to use dusting to prevent the problem of sticky paper and ink, dusting is still widely used. The following is a brief summary of the precautions needed to control the amount of dusting.

1. Powder used for dusting

Printed dusting powders sold on the market are mainly based on pure vegetable substances. Commonly used materials include flour, corn flour (potato powder), plant starch, and tapioca flour. The dusting powder should be properly selected according to the paper's quantification and other factors. The particle diameter must be at least 15nm. When printing coarser paper, the diameter of the powder particles can be selected more. The fine dust content in the high-quality dusting powder is very small. . If the process requires secondary printing, starch-based dusting should be used to avoid wear on the printing plate, and talcum powder must not be used.

2. Control of dusting operation

The amount of dusting should be determined according to the specific printing conditions and requirements, and with the specific printing speed, paper characteristics, paper format, printed products and graphics. Generally, the appropriate amount of powder to be sprayed should be selected according to the size of the ink of the product and the paper quality of the paper used, and the number of nozzles used and the size of the sprayed powder should be adjusted according to the size of the paper web.

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