Some little knowledge of wood furniture

December 31, 2019

What kind of furniture is good furniture? At the same time as the visit, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter also threw this question to the merchants, hoping to get an answer that would satisfy the consumers. Surprisingly, the answer to the problem of the manufacturers is surprisingly consistent: "the best solid wood" is a misunderstanding, and the wood has a big market. All solid wood furniture is expensive, and the style is single, not necessarily the furniture you want.

All solid wood, workmanship has limitations

The visit of the furniture factory in the South China Line made the Chengdu Commercial Daily reporter accidentally discovered that these furniture factories are inclined to another trend of furniture--board furniture while producing pure solid wood furniture.

Solid wood furniture, as its name suggests, refers to furniture made of natural wood, which can be seen on the surface of furniture. At present, there are two kinds of solid wood furniture on the market, one is all solid wood furniture, all the materials of the furniture are solid wood, including the table top, the door panel of the cabinet, the side panels, etc. are all made of pure solid wood. The other type is solid wood furniture (board wood combined with furniture). The natural texture, feel and color of the wood are similar to those of solid wood furniture. It is a mixture of solid wood and wood-based panels, such as side panels and shelves. Plates and the like use thin wood veneer particle board or medium density fiberboard or multi-layer board, the frame is made of solid wood, such as solid wood support feet.

Why is wood furniture won the favor of manufacturers? Zhou Wei, executive director of Foshan Chunmei Home, pointed out that pure solid wood furniture has certain limitations because of the solid materials used in the furniture. Generally speaking, a solid wood furniture will adopt a more traditional shape in the shape, so for a long time, pure solid wood furniture seems to be almost the same. Because of the limitations of solid wood, there will be no more changes in the color of the flowers.

Board and wood have advantages

The furniture manufacturers, artisans and dealers visited this time almost expressed the view that the quality of all solid wood products must be better than that of solid wood frame + veneer. On the contrary, the products combined with wood and wood have advantages and characteristics.

First, the wood furniture is beautiful. In the past, due to technical and technical problems, it was impossible to carry out veneer treatment. Only wood can be used for splicing to make furniture. Now the technology and craft can solve the problem of veneer veneer. You can use any veneer of different materials to spell out the picture. The furniture countertop has more craftsmanship, which is more beautiful and more characteristic. In addition, the material of the tree tumor is also very difficult, because the appearance of the tree tumor is at the root of the tree or the tree texture caused by external causes. A special, but very beautiful, veneer formed by bending. This material can only be partially decorated, and it cannot be used for large-area veneers. Therefore, the combination of board and wood is relatively more. Aesthetic, ornamental and value.

Second, the wood furniture is more practical and firm. In the past, the pure solid wood products, due to the characteristics of the solid wood itself, encountered excessive temperature difference, etc., for a long time, such as the north, for 6.7 months, there is heating or floor heating, large The panel part of the web is prone to quality problems such as cracking, warping, deformation, etc. If the combination of board and wood is used, this situation will be avoided.

Third, the wood furniture is more environmentally friendly. The world cuts down trees and manufactures furniture. The precious trees need a certain amount of time. If all the furniture is solid wood, the growth speed of the trees must not keep up with the speed of felling, which will cause global Environmental issues, so in principle if the materials used are both precious wood species, it is unlikely that there will be all solid wood products.

Li Chaoyang, general manager of the Federal Group's Chengdu Branch, also said that although all solid wood furniture has many advantages, the change in moisture content makes it easy to deform, and the too dry and humid environment is not suitable for all solid wood furniture. In addition, some parts of solid wood furniture are combined with enamel structure and adhesive. The finished product can not be disassembled, and the handling is very inconvenient. At the same time, if the quality of the adhesive is not enough, there will be a problem that the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard. At the same time, the price of solid wood furniture is almost several times or even dozens of times that of solid wood furniture, especially mahogany furniture.

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