[SKI knowledge] Which style are you?

October 26, 2021

As the most fun sport in the winter, everyone from the beginning of learning will be influenced by the teacher's style and habits and form his own ski style. For different choices and hobbies, we should all respect it. Each technical school has formed a certain group and circle. They learn and communicate together. The atmosphere is very harmonious and warm.

Hundred flowers contend for a hundred flowers, radish cabbage has its own love. Which style is right for you? Let's go and see Xiaobian.

★ Amateur double board can be roughly divided into racing and leisure.

▼ Speed ​​skiing is faster than racing, as fast as possible. Technology is represented by carving. There is a big swing, you can also do a small swing. The characteristics are very smooth, elegant and passionate. If you want to learn how to ski, you can find Honghualiang. Many of the relevant skiing information was provided by him. The technology is also very good. Most of the carbin masters appear in Wanlong.

â–¼ Leisure skiing can be divided into many types, mostly freestyle and snow snow. Because of their different styles and genres, the gameplay is also varied. It covers almost everything that can be expected. Such as mogul, size jumper, box, crowbar, U slot and so on. Some death mogul, some on the platform, some all take it all, and some only use the freestyle of sliding brushing snow.

Wild snow faction, this group of people, specializes in wild snow, powder snow, where the fun before Xiaobian also said. They are almost not domestic skiers. Heliski is followed by several days of skiing after going abroad. This must be technical, physical, and economic. The pure landlord does not have the technical no success, the ski master does not have the economic strength also does not have the game. Because the helicopter goes up to about 10,000, about eight days a day. Enjoy real snow-capped mountains while skiing. Can also broaden their horizons and see foreigners' ski style, ski style, and ski culture, which are different from the others. When you truly see the skier’s skiing skills, level, courage, and ability, you'll be able to ski and go and jump faster and harder on the oddly steep double forests, cliffs, and steep slopes.

Ski mountaineering, this is a quite bovine group, that is, we must also have the courage and experience in physical strength and technology. Both snowboarding and snowboarding techniques are available.

Fauvism, like painting, is in every field. What is a Fauvist? Never learn or practice. If you slide several primary roads, you will dare to go to the higher roads. Even the chaotic roads will dare to jump on the cats. The crooked ones will not fall. Then on the Alps, Whistler, and wherever I dared to go. However, technical movements are not flattering. But people can slip anywhere and they are not injured. However, when asked, most of these people were originally professional athletes, with superb athleticism and extremely strong physical conditions and nerves. Therefore, it is the kind of skill and extraordinary guts to call them Fauvism, but this actually requires a lot of training.

Telemark is a rare form of skiing. It is very small. Skiing takes place on a volley and the legs rotate. The equipment is not the same.

It is recommended that you choose your own category and genre according to your preferences, physical conditions, and guidance from the surrounding peers. If you don’t choose well, you may still be unable to find it for a long time and you may give up and get hurt. Boys prefer speed, adventure, and leg strength. You can try a big swing, but you must learn with a master and then go to a long ski resort to practice; women are generally afraid of speed, it is difficult to walk blade. Coupled with the girls' poor leg strength, the girls carefully selected the Cabin Grand Slam. It is recommended that you first become familiar with parallelism and then learn to practice small slewing.

★ The snowboarding technique is more and more cool, and the sleek veneer is often prominent on the snow. So many boys want to learn. But there is a premise that it is a bit difficult to get started and it is easy to wrestle. Be mentally prepared.

The introduction of dual board is easy and the stability is good. There are many students who will never ski to the skies without falling. After the double board passes the entry into the intermediate stage of the junior level, progress will be slow, and the double-class technology will always have an endless learning. I think this is the charm of the double board. It is difficult to get started at the beginning of the board, but after the initial stage, it will progress very quickly and it is easy to learn all the techniques. Therefore, those who are old, those who are afraid of falling, those who are poorly balanced, and who are too tall, should carefully consider the veneer. Because the two feet of the veneer are on one board, they rely entirely on the body to maintain balance. The two boards are separated by two feet, and the strength of the two legs can be adjusted to balance. Also, as mentioned above, the board is cool and handsome, but the double board is characterized by elegant, gentleman, and elegant.

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