Sexy black smoky makeup

October 14, 2019

Makeup focus: large smudge eyeshadow, create a three-dimensional eye contour of foreigners!

How to make yourself stand out in the party season is very important! Use the smoky eye makeup to make the eyes more stereoscopic! The three-dimensional eye socket is not a large area, but the pearly mixed matte surface will focus on The color of the eye does not look cloudy.

Recommended dress: Leopard tops that are both trendy and wild. It's easy to create a great piece of weight and absorbs the best. The most eye-catching leopard pattern will continue to burn in the winter. It is decided to use a leopard top to make a spicy sexy demon on the party.

Sexy black smoky makeup

Sexy black smoked makeup steps:

Step1. Apply coffee pearlescent eyeshadow. After drawing the eyeliner and the basic steps of brushing the mascara, apply a large amount of pearlescent eye shadow to the eye socket and smudge up to the eye.

Step2. Eyes 1/2 brush matte coffee eye shadow will focus on the tail of the eye 1/2, the eyes can immediately become deeper.

Step3. The eye shadow brush is smudged from the back to the front with the end of the eye as the starting point, and the shadow is made below the brow bone.

Step4. Stack the coffee eyeliner. The coffee eyeliner is drawn above the black eyeliner, and the light coffee can neutralize the black sensation.

Step5. The eyeliner is dizzy upwards. The cotton swab smudges the eyeliner and turns into an eye shadow, which is enlarged by the shadow.

Step6. Black eyeliner outlines the eyes. The black eyeliner draws a sly word along the eye and lengthens the eye so that the big eye does not show signs.

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