Preparation of corrugated boxes before production (I)

August 24, 2019

For corrugated boxes, preparation before production is very important. Only sufficient preparation work can ensure smooth production and improve efficiency, and can effectively avoid product quality problems.

New product meeting and style change meeting

Meetings for new product conferences and model changes are held at the request of business personnel and are called by the office. The main participants of the conference include those responsible for quality, technology, manufacturing, and sales.

In order to guarantee the quality of products from receipt to shipment, it is necessary to decide specifically who will act. Clearly decide on the schedule of work between the production of the initial product and decide exactly when and how. Clearly understand the customer's demand and other quality information, and pass these information points to relevant personnel in each process of the production workshop, and permeate the entire production process of the product.

New Products and Change Notices

When a business person instructs a production department to change the specification or model of a new product, he/she needs to register and issue a new product and a change product notice.

Matters needing attention when registering new products and changing product notices

The business personnel must clearly and completely record all the items recorded in the new product and change notice. For the product name, it is generally required to use the name of the product used by the customer when ordering. If there is a similar product, the name of the product that is easy to distinguish should be used to avoid mixing.

After the corrugated box companies complete the printing plate production instructions (production process sheets and printing process sheets) and send them to the printing plate processing plant, it takes about two days to complete the plate printing. After the completion of the die-cutting production instructions (manufacturing process sheet and die-cutting process sheet) and delivery to the die-cutting plate processing plant, it takes about one day to complete the die-cut version. This should be explained in the new product and change product notice.

If the planned production date is earlier than the arrival date of the plate or diecut, the planner shall, based on the warnings of the business system, confirm the actual situation and make appropriate processing when the production plan is prepared.

Matters needing attention when the product changes

After the product is converted, the product drawings before the change will be recovered from the manufacturing site and kept on file. Products that have changed must be reissued with new product codes and new and old product names that can be easily distinguished. The number of the printing process sheet must be changed. If the die-cutting process content does not change, the number of the die-cutting process sheet may not be changed and the following items may be managed.

The management of base paper: When the product materials are changed, it is necessary to manage the base paper, to distinguish the place where the paper is placed, to prevent the old and new from being confused, and to clearly implement the implementation of the new product at the time of conversion.

Management of printing plates and die-cuts: The processing methods of old and old die-cuts should be clearly recorded in the change notice. If you need to dispose of old plates and old die plates, you should clearly place them and process them within the specified time.

Inventory Management: Business personnel negotiate with customers to clarify the time of product change. Inventory all products including semi-finished products before the change, and learn the correct number of in-house stocks.

Distinguishing Between New and Old Products: When making changes to the initial production, make a clear statement on the schedule or production notice to alert the operator. Clearly place the place and mark it on the product label to prevent confusion between old and new. The conversion of new and old products is performed according to the conversion time and method agreed with the customer.

Thorough implementation of the principle of first-in-first-out: After the product is converted, if there is any remaining specification, it needs to be dealt with promptly by the customer and the business department.

The arrival of new product and model change product at the time of initial production

When entering the contract for the first time for new products and model change items, this point must be entered in the item column for attention and marked on the schedule sheet to attract the attention of all concerned personnel. In principle, the initial production of new products and model change products should be arranged in a day shift, and the business personnel, quality, and production managers must follow the production site to confirm the products, especially the products that are produced by important customers for the first time.

Production process sheet

The production process is to produce record items. When the product specifications are changed, the precautions of the old production process sheet should be confirmed and clearly entered in the new production process sheet. In order to make the points of attention easy to understand, schematic diagrams should be used as much as possible. For the old production process sheet, the "waste" seal should be stamped.

Completed production process sheets need to be compared with new product change notices, printing process sheets, and printed version proofs and die-cutting process sheets. (To be continued)

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