Precautions for Flexo Print Prepress Design

August 30, 2019

At present, China's flexo products are at a very low level. Print quality is mainly low, thick, and simple. Fine multi-color printing is not easy; at the same time, the scope of application is small. The main lines and field of printed text are printed on the spot. a lot of. Restricting the application and development of flexo printing in China, in addition to equipment and technical issues, another major reason is that designers do not understand the characteristics of flexographic technology, resulting in a lack of communication between design and printing, and can not fully play the flexo Advantage.

Due to the differences between Oriental culture and European and American cultures, their product packaging has a distinct difference in design style, which also makes the flexo printing industry in the short term have a certain impact on China's development. Europe and the United States emphasizes that the use of concise color blocks and lines gives people a strong visual impact. Such products are easy to use flexo printing. China's packaging industry has long been subjected to gravure and offset printing, and it has been focusing on realism and using a large number of realistic layers. Therefore, it is necessary to use flexographic printing to pursue offset printing and gravure printing. The end users are bound to accept it. Therefore, the degree of flexo printing accepted in our country is lower than that of offset printing and gravure printing.

When designing a flexo print, you should avoid the following:

1. To avoid the design of too small text and too thin lines;

2. Avoid double or multicolor lines and text overprinting;

3. Avoid designing small anti-white characters and lines;

4. Avoid photo highlights or 1% of small outlets;

5. Avoid designing text or lines in photoshop and other bitmap software;

6. Avoid designing wide and long solids and gradients along the horizontal direction of the printing cylinder;

7. Unless you have special requirements, avoid the use of large areas on the same page as the outlets and small texts.

8. Avoid the inconsistency of operating software.

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