Plastic stadium buffer quality requirements for concrete asphalt concrete cushion

February 21, 2021

Construction process:

1, natural plain soil: compaction density greater than 90%, moisture content of 8-12%. After removing the turf and humus soil, use a rolling machine of about 12 tons in lengthwise rolling from both sides to the middle to 5-8 times.


2, gravel cushion: thickness of about 200mm, (particle size 30-50mm), with more than 12 tons of roller compactor rolling to the gravel is not loose, the surface without ripple so far, the compaction density of 2.2 tons / cubic meter. Allowable thickness deviation 8%, but not more than ± 20mm. This width must not be less than the design width.

3. Asphalt concrete layer: First, lay rough asphalt layer, thickness 50mm, maximum aggregate ≤ 35mm, use 12-ton or more roller compactor to lay thin asphalt layer, thickness 30mm, maximum aggregate ≤ 15mm, use more than 12 tons of grind Press rolling.

Asphalt concrete layer: Shop first rough asphalt layer, thickness 50mm, maximum aggregate ≤35mm, use more than 12 tons of roller compactor to lay thin asphalt layer, thickness 30mm, maximum aggregate ≤15mm, use more than 12 tons of roller compactor Rolling.

Need to pay attention to:

1, asphalt paving temperature should be above 100 °C, the survival temperature should be above 60 °C.

2, roller mill should use clean water wipe, avoid diesel or other heavy oil scrubbing, in order to ensure the adhesion of asphalt layer and plastic.

Quality requirements:

1. There must be no cracks on the foundation surface, no obvious rolling wheel tracks, no oil, grease and unstirred asphalt blocks, and no induration, sinking, cracking, honeycombing or peeling.

2. There is no water blocking phenomenon on the surface.

3, flatness: 3m ruler tolerance within 3mm.

4, slope: in line with sports process indicators.

5, compressive strength: R20> 25kg / square centimeter R50> 10kg / square centimeter

6. Density: The surface compaction is over 97%, and the dry capacity is 2.35kg/L or more.

7. Asphalt softening point> 50°C, extension 60cm, penetration 5s (1/10mm)> 60cm.

8, asphalt thermal stability factor: Kt = R20/R50 ≤ 3.5.

9, body expansion rate: 1%.

10, water absorption: 6-10%.

11, maintenance period: outdoor temperature 25 °C above 24 days.

The outdoor temperature is between 15-25°C for 30 days.

The outdoor temperature is below 15°C for 60 days.

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