Plastic food cans are welcomed by the market

September 10, 2021

For cans, more of our concepts may still remain in the concept of traditional aluminum cans, glass cans. With the development of PET manufacturing technology, the application of plastic food cans is becoming more and more widespread in the market. The market is growing at a very fast speed. Many plastic bottle manufacturers have begun to enter the production of food cans.

Compared with glass jars and aluminum cans, plastic food jars have many new advantages. First of all, plastic food cans are lightweight, which can reduce the weight of the product for packaging, which is a great advantage in the transportation process. Secondly, the plastic food cans are made of PET. Compared with aluminum and glass food cans, PET food cans have lower raw material cost and are more competitive in the market. Finally, plastic food cans are more resistant to breakage and will not break easily.

Plastic food cans have many advantages. At present, the plastic food cans on the market are in the form of a simple and easy-to-open lid, and there is a form of a straight can lid. We believe that future food cans can also develop more shapes to meet the market's needs.

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