Patent: a new type of solid wood flooring

August 14, 2019

Patent: a new type of solid wood flooring
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The utility model discloses a solid wood floor with high utilization rate of wood, convenient material selection, saving precious wood resources, minimal expansion and contraction, small panel color difference, beautiful and practical price. It consists of a panel (1), a core board (2),
The bottom plate (3) is glued into one body in a longitudinal direction. The utility model is characterized in that the panel (1) is combined with the core board (2) and the bottom board (3) by a vertical and horizontal glue, and the panel (1) and the bottom board (3) are made of wood board having a thickness of more than 2 mm, and the folding strength is high. Duration. And a pair of right-angled sides are provided with a tenon (4), and the other pair of right-angled sides are provided with a concave (5). The panel (1) is a selection of extra-wide natural wood veneer, which is more natural and beautiful.

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