Office white collar makeup quick drawing

September 10, 2021

Office white collar makeup quick drawing

Office white-collar workers will inevitably sleep for a while and get up and make up for hair styling. Make-up does take time, but if you streamline the steps, you can finish the makeup in just ten minutes! Let’s go and see the office white-collar makeup quick drawing with Xiaobian !

Makeup & sun protection is the most important

The makeup is the most important in makeup. At least the whole body will not be too embarrassing. In the process of going to work, it is also necessary to avoid the sun and ultraviolet rays. Sunscreen products are essential!

Choose 50 times sunscreen to apply the entire face, the amount must be sufficient, then use the air cushion powder to quickly apply makeup, the perfect makeup can be completed in 3 minutes!

Brown eye-based natural eye makeup

OL makeup is mainly based on earth color, under the brown brown eyebrows, using the earth color eye shadow to smudge the layering, plus the hidden inner eyeliner, the extremely light makeup can also have the effect of big eye makeup.

How to create: First apply the eye base cream on the upper eyelid position to make the eye shadow more color and lasting. Then apply the beige eye shadow to the eye socket, then use the eye shadow brush to capture the brown eye shadow and smudge the eyeliner, and smudge it upwards.

The eyeliner selects a more natural brown eyeliner, outlines the drooping inner eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes, and applies a golden brown eye shadow to the lower eyelid.

Many girls will think that drawing the lower eyeliner will give people a feeling of heavy makeup. In fact, it is not all. You can choose a brown eyeliner to draw a thin lower eyeliner along the mucous membrane position, so that the makeup will become very Naturally.

Lip makeup highlights

Eye makeup can be omitted, and lip makeup can be done quickly and change the overall image of a person. The daily choice of pale pink and rose, coral color, are very suitable for office makeup, you can buy a few lipsticks depending on the occasion. You can also use the three-color lip gloss on the market to create a bite lip makeup, and you can easily get a delicate lip makeup without using a lip brush.

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