New Year peach makeup glamour eye-catching pink eyeliner

April 19, 2020

The biggest feature of the New Year's peach makeup introduced to you today is the pink eyeshadow and the pink lip makeup, giving people a different kind of charm, want to end the single, hope to have a peach MM to come and learn!

New Year peach makeup glamour eye-catching pink eyeliner painting

Step1: Clean the skin and make a makeup. Firstly apply a BB cream evenly on the face, then apply a concealer to conceal the dark circles. This will make the makeup more perfect.

Step2: Then use the powder to fix the makeup, and the makeup is finished.

Step3: Then draw the lip makeup, choose the pink lip gloss on the lips, charming and gorgeous.

Step4: In the eye makeup part, first use the pearly white eye shadow to make a base, then use the black eyeliner to draw the eyeliner , then use the lip gloss to extend outward at the corner of the eye, and tilt it up slightly.

Step5: Then wear false eyelashes, this glamorous peach makeup is complete.

It's worth reminding that if you are worried about the makeup effect is too obvious, you can also consider the use of softer orange lipstick, the effect is slightly more subtle.

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