Introduction of the use of L-reduced glutathione

September 09, 2021

English name: Glutathione reduced; GSH Other names: L-glutathione (reduced type) CAS number: 70-18-8C10H17N3O6S=307.33 Level: BR content: ≥99.0% specific optical rotation: -15.5o ~ -17.5 o Identification : qualified ammonium salt: ≤ 0.02% sulfate: ≤ 0.048% iron salt: ≤ 10ppm heavy metal: ≤ 10ppm arsenic salt: ≤ 1ppm dry weight loss: ≤ 0.5% burning residue: ≤ 0.1% traits: white crystalline powder Use: biochemical research . Antioxidant preservation: RT

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