Human Tail Vasopressin â…¡ (Uâ…¡) Immunology Instructions Elisa Kit

February 20, 2021

Elisa kit for human tail vasopressin II (Uâ…¡) immunization instructions 1. Serum: blood coagulates naturally at room temperature for 10-20 minutes, centrifuged for about 20 minutes (2000-3000 rpm). Collect the supernatant carefully and centrifuge again if a precipitate appears during storage. 2. Plasma: EDTA or sodium citrate should be selected as the anticoagulant according to the requirements of the specimen, mixed for 10-20 minutes, and centrifuged for about 20 minutes (2000-3000 rpm). Collect the supernatant carefully. If a precipitate forms during storage, it should be centrifuged again.

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