HP one machine creates a new era of office printing

November 26, 2021

Now, printers have become an indispensable partner in the office. The HP All-in-One has become a new choice for people's office life with its own outstanding features. It has created a new era of all-round office and has been highly favored by office workers. So, why is the HP all-in-one machine favored by the office family? The following small series will introduce you.

        First, the HP all-in-one combines mobile printing and print management with a lower cost per page and high-quality color printing, giving SMBs a competitive edge. It can effectively save energy, and its automatic shutdown technology automatically turns on the printing device when it needs to print, and automatically turns off when it is not needed. Energy saving does not degrade performance. And with intelligent copy function, photocopy repair function can automatically correct the deviation, delete the black and white photocopy frame on the glass.

        Second, HP's 2-second preheating technology utilizes an innovative, fast-heating fuser system that virtually eliminates warm-up time and reduces energy consumption. With a power consumption of only 7 watts in standby mode, it offers long-term cost savings and is undoubtedly the ideal choice for cost-conscious companies.

        In addition, HP's expertise helps office workers make the most of their equipment, ensuring that they are able to travel with extreme efficiency, greatly reducing the hassles and high costs of troubleshooting and repair.

        Finally, the HP all-in-one has an easy network setup that can be printed when connected. Wireless printing on the office network to share printing with other wireless-enabled computers.

        From this point of view, all kinds of printed and printed HP all-in-one machines in the office can be easily handled. It is definitely the value choice for efficient office work, creating a new era of office printing.

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