How to Climb 5.12 Chinese translation---The first chapter Yes, you can climb 5.12

November 18, 2018

Contents First chapter Yes, you can climb 5.12
Chapter 2 Build Your Skills First Chapter 3 Welcome to Physical Training Camp Chapter 4 Wisdom Win Chapter 5 Climb Your First Article 5.12 (or Below Difficulties)
Chapter 6 Frequently Asked Questions

The first chapter is! You can climb on 5.12

Everyone can climb 5.12!
For most people, climbing 5.12 may be a far-fetched thing. People don't want to find many excuses for themselves. For example: I am too old, I am too heavy, I have no power, I'm too short... wait. In fact, there is no age limit for climbing 5.12. There are 14-year-old girls and old-60-year-old boys. They are not professional sports players, but are weekly climbers from all walks of life. May only climb for two days.

A map leading to 5.12 is now everyone can climb to 5.12, but why only a few people can reach this level? The main reason why the average person did not reach 5.12 is because the method is wrong. If you are going to climb the Nos route of EL Cap in Yosemite National Park, but you don't have enough information, you haven't asked people who have climbed before, and there are no routes Figure, then you have a great chance of failure. It is precisely because we do not have enough information so that it will be abandoned halfway when it has not reached 5.12.

Living in the Information Age
Because we are affected by the wrong information, we have no rules in training or we can completely make steel. For example, when beginners can't climb a course, they may think that their physical strength is not enough, or that they don't have enough power. So when the technology is not yet sound, they start to pull horizontal bars, do weight training, and practice fingerboard. When they can't climb a route, they may think that their physical strength is still not enough, so they begin to pull more horizontal bars, do more heavy training, and practice more fingerboards. When people climb for two days a week, in order to exceed others; they may climb three days, four days or even six days a week. These people are likely to climb to 5.12, but sports injuries may cause them to ask someone else to do it in the future. Due to the influence of genes, human beings have the inherent difference of the ultimate level, but the limit of the average person is far more than 5.12. As long as there is a correct training method, most people can achieve a standard of 5.12.

The golden rule of rock climbing is not moving at all.
Three points of motion are the basic principles of rock climbing, but their fundamental purpose is to maintain balance. When climbing, we must rely on three points in our limbs to maintain balance and support the weight of the body so that we can empty a hand or a foot; move to the next point. The technique of rock climbing is actually a balancing technique. All the rock climbing skills are maintained on the balance.

Rock climbing uses feet to climb and climb with your feet.
The technique of climbing is to climb and save effort, that is, to use the most efficient techniques to climb.

Nine golden rules for improving rock climbing The best way to improve your climbing ability is to rock climbing itself.
Different rock types, angles, and friction characteristics have different climbing techniques.
With the exception of a few top climbers, the return on investment for skill training is much higher than that for physical training.
For beginners, general fitness training is most effective.
For advanced climbers, climbing specific physical training is most effective.
Muscle training will bring endurance, but endurance training will not bring maximum muscle strength.
Rock climbing in the most efficient way, otherwise it is only a waste of time and energy.
Think to help your climbing ability.
Training and climbing have a positive effect on climbing ability, but muscle growth, strength, and ability to climb can only improve on sleep and rest days.

For beginners, it's best to have coaching guidance for climbing and don't read hard.
Choose the right route to climb. Do not climb beyond your own ability. This will hinder the progress of technology and it will also cause sports injuries.
Only the proper difficulty helps stimulate your progress. It's not good either too high or too low.
Do not rely on inefficient techniques to climb the route.
For sports climbing, natural rock and artificial rock fields are equally important.
Do not climb in the same place only. You should climb different types of rock formations to develop different techniques.
Don't just rock climbing with the same group of people. This concept will be limited. The idea of ​​rigidity is the original hurdle to progress.

The most efficient techniques can be practiced repeatedly on difficult routes, gradually correcting their own shortcomings.

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