How to choose the eyeliner color correctly?

November 29, 2021

Choosing the right eyeliner color will help make your eyes more sparkling. For more and more eyeliner colors on the market, should it be limited to the black-brown series, or should you jump out of the frame and try other more vivid colors? The following small series will analyze the role and scope of different eyeliner colors for you.
Eyeliner color Select eyeliner color White eyeliner Purple eyeliner
In daily makeup, black and brown are generally chosen. This is also the color selected for up to a few mm, and can also be matched with eye shadow color, suitable for PARTY makeup. In addition, the white eyeliner has a brightening effect. Generally used in the lower eyelids.
There are many colors of eyeliner, and gray and brown are the most natural in Asia. People with fair skin are more suitable for brown color. If you want to make a mature makeup or want to make a heavy makeup effect, black eyeliner is a good choice. One of the most error-free ways is to choose the color of the eyeliner depending on the hair color. In addition, orange, red and gold are the eyeliner colors suitable for the oriental, but it is necessary to pay attention to the color matching with the overall makeup, such as clothes, eye shadow and so on.
However, how to use the bright and colorful eyeliner colors such as purple, green, blue, etc.?
Bright red color eyeliner such as purple, pink, and burgundy is generally used to outline the curvature of the upward pull at the end of the eye. It can create a tempting charm, usually used at parties or banquets, and can be used with evening dresses, etc. Clothing use.
Cool colors such as green and blue are generally used to match casual and lively clothing. When you are on a sunny sunrise or street shooting, you can add a little bit of cool color to the end of your eyes, which can be more lively and dynamic.
Silver, white and other light color, generally used to brighten the corners of the eyes, smeared in the position of the eyes can make the eyes more brilliant, there are more eye-catching effects!
Gold, brown, brown and other colors can be used to draw more mature makeup, generally used in office workers mm, a little small smoke can look more temperament Oh!
I believe that through the introduction of Xiaobian, you must have a better understanding of the color of different eyeliner, and you will not choose the wrong one when you buy it again next time!

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