Home care must know the common sense of bamboo and bamboo home maintenance tips

July 09, 2021

Home care must know the common sense of bamboo and bamboo home maintenance tips

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Bamboo and rattan furniture is ancient and natural, fresh and elegant, and green and healthy, making home life more comfortable. Today, I will introduce you to the maintenance knowledge of bamboo and rattan furniture.

Bamboo and rattan furniture is placed in a dry place for a long time and is easily cracked. Therefore, always wipe with a damp soft cloth to extend its service life. However, rattan furniture should not be over-exposed, especially if the part that is in contact with the ground is immersed in water. Bamboo and rattan furniture can absorb a certain amount of water, but if it absorbs excessive water, it will become soft, loose structure and drooping plane. Therefore, when the bamboo and rattan furniture is damp, be careful not to let its braided shape be out of shape, and when it is dry, it will shrink to its original size.

Cleaning rattan furniture is not a hassle. If you do it slowly, you can also cultivate yourself. Use a soft brush to remove dust from the inside and outside of the mesh. If the stain is too heavy, it can be wiped off with detergent. Vegetable oil and soap are the best cleaning agents for cleaning rattan furniture. Finally, dry it again. If it is a white wicker chair, it is necessary to apply a little vinegar to neutralize the detergent to prevent discoloration. You can also remove the stubborn dirt by brushing the cane with a brush and baking it.

Bamboo and rattan furniture rattan furniture should be placed next to the heating, and the bonding part will be dried and weakened by heat. Do not place it next to the heating pipe to avoid deformation due to heat. Also avoid direct sunlight to prevent the rattan from fading and drying out. In addition, high-temperature hair dryers, electric irons, etc. should also be avoided.

It is found that there is looseness and cracking. It is necessary to bundle the joints as soon as possible, so that the falling parts can be restored in time, and a layer of varnish is applied at the repairing place. The backrest of the bamboo and rattan furniture and the seat cushion are easily recessed for a long time. The depression can be bubbled, then aired, and then restored after cooling.

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