【Holy Elephant Floor】 Holy Elephant Laminated Floor

October 27, 2021

Shengxiang floor is made of natural or man-made fast-growing forest wood after crushing and high temperature and high pressure, thus solving the problem of natural wood easy to deform and warp. The wood floor has the texture and hue similar to natural logs, and has a marble-like luster And strong. Shengxiang laminate flooring is one of the many products of Shengxiang flooring. Shengxiang laminate flooring is also the original main business of Shengxiang flooring. In the laminate flooring market, Shengxiang laminate flooring has always maintained a strong position. Generally, Shengxiang laminate flooring is about 200 yuan / square meter, which is at the high-end price in the market. There are many styles and types of Shengxiang laminate flooring. Let's take a look at the iconic laminate flooring .

Brief introduction of Shengxiang laminate flooring

Shengxiang flooring is a well-known brand in the flooring industry. Almost when talking about flooring, you will think of Shengxiang flooring. But to put it bluntly here, sometimes the popularity of the product is smashed by advertising; in the end, the wool is still on the sheep, and as a result, the price of the iconic floor is relatively high. The price of the floor of the iconostasis with the first floor is very different.

Let me tell you this, the quality of the iconic flooring is nothing to say; but when it comes to cost performance, it is not so ideal. The price-performance ratio of Shengxiang Flooring is comparable to that of Yangzi Flooring, Shiyou Flooring and other brands. That is to say, the iconic flooring of the same quality and the floor of the Yangtze, the price of the iconic brand is more expensive than that of the Yangtze.

In addition, if you want to buy sacred elephant floor, you need to buy sacred elephant high-priced flooring, high-priced flooring has good quality and high reliability; if it is sacred elephant low-priced, then you are likely to buy inferior goods.

Personally suggest that you buy the solid wood and laminate flooring in the iconostasis, these two types of flooring seem to be good. The price of Shengxiang mid-range flooring is generally around 400 yuan per square meter; this is for reference only. The specific price also depends on the local sales market.

Shengxiang flooring brand culture

1. Green Industry Chain Strategy

Sacred Elephant has launched the "green industry chain strategy" that implements social responsibility and the "internationalization strategy" of global layout. The iconic green industry chain strategy composed of "healthy quality hard power + design service soft power" not only will root the sustainable development concept rooted in every detail of the industry chain, but also vertically penetrate the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, covering forestry resources, basic In the seven links of materials, factories, R & D, design, marketing, and services, the hard power of the entire quality automatic control system is formed; more in response to the needs of the times, we integrate multiple resources to build a soft power platform that meets mainstream aesthetic needs and value-added services. The creativity, craftsmanship and fashion keep pace with the international trend; the icon design platform created by efforts to integrate the opinions of professionals and ordinary consumers, so that the practicality and artistry of the product reach a new height, and the iconic wisdom of the icon is fully achieved. Shengxiang's green industrial chain is a balanced business model found between the large environmental protection of upstream resources and the small environmental protection of health and green quality.

2. Internationalization strategy

Shengxiang not only created a complete green industrial chain, but also actively optimized global resources and layout. Since the deployment of the internationalization strategy in 2005, it has carried out strategic cooperation with international companies such as the United States, Germany, South Korea, Hong Kong, Canada and other countries, relying on global strategic partners to indirectly open up high-quality forest resource channels in Europe and the Americas; and established a raw material channel in Russia At the same time, R & D centers, marketing centers and logistics centers have also been established in Europe and the United States, and self-built direct sales companies have taken the initiative to participate in international competition. Shengxiang not only introduces international thinking and business philosophy to expand its horizons, produces with F4 star and E0 international standards, introduces international brands to cooperate with it, but also directly sets up foreign teams to conduct direct company management and purchase foreign retail companies to make It became a part of the iconostasis channel and really did go out. Sacred Elephant has launched the layout of a horizontal global integrated industrial chain, to achieve the dual extension of the industrial chain and brands in overseas markets, and laid a solid foundation for the realization of the corporate vision of "an internationally respected wood brand".

3. Big Home Strategy

In 2014, Shengxiang made a perfect display and powerful extension of the two major strategies of internationalization strategy and green industry chain-officially launched the Shengxiang big home strategy. Shengxiang Grand Home Furnishing's strategy is to take the wood industry as the core of its strategy, to speed up the development of other wood industry categories around the core flooring category, and to build a leading brand of wood home furnishing. With a standardized integrated model that integrates quality, production, environmental protection, design, service, and experience, it creates the hard power of a large home. It extends the product category from the original single floor to multiple types of home products such as standard doors, wardrobes, kitchens, and furniture. . Through the category extension, it provides consumers with a richer choice of household products, and also brings a fuller product lineup to the group; through the emotional wisdom of care, fashion, and sharing, the brand ’s rational value is more deeply rooted in the people; through the brand concept The fusion of spirit, temperament and temperament makes the product portfolio more tense; through a comprehensive system upgrade, the consumer awareness of "Icons, not just home" will be established to make the brand more valuable and the home business to take off.

Pros and cons of sacred laminate flooring

1. Advantages of Shengxiang laminate flooring

Wear-resistance: about 10 to 30 times more than ordinary painted floor.

Beautiful: Various wood grains, patterns and colors can be simulated by computer.

Stability: completely disintegrate the original wood structure, destroy the characteristics of anisotropy and moisture expansion and shrinkage, the size is extremely stable, especially suitable for rooms with floor heating systems.

In addition, there are impact resistance, antistatic, pollution resistance, light resistance, cigarette burning resistance, easy installation, simple maintenance and so on.

2. Disadvantages of Shengxiang laminate flooring

After the blisters are damaged, they cannot be repaired and the feet feel bad.

In particular, in the past, some distributors called laminate flooring "waterproof flooring", which is only for the surface. In fact, the only thing to avoid in the use of laminate flooring is blisters.

Editor's summary: Relevant information about the quality of Shengxiang laminate flooring is introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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