Heidelberg Press Conference - Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 74: High-end applications for medium-format presses

July 04, 2018

Since the drupa exhibition 2000, the new Printmaster PM 74 and Speedmaster CD 74 product lines have brought significant expansion to Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) in the field of four-web printing machines. The Speedmaster CD 74 series developed by Heidelberg is particularly suitable for high-end printing and increases production efficiency. Speedmaster CD 74 – the ideal solution for medium-format packaging printing The Speedmaster CD 74 is a new single-sided press developed by Heidelberg, comprising four to six printing units and an optional coating system. These models have double-diameter impression cylinders and pneumatic conveyors to ensure the reliable transfer of various substrates. In addition, this product also has special components such as high-speed ink inking device, Alcolor Vario dampening device and CP2000 Center. We worked closely with selected customers to conduct field testing of the product. At present, the tests have all ended. Mass production began in September 2000. "Before April 2001, we will supply more than 180 printing units," said Dr. Jürgen Rautert, head of the leaflet printing business unit in Heidelberg. As Thomas Frank, 50 x 70 format product manager, said, the new press has already made a lot of new friends: “Customers who conducted the test found that putting the CD 74 into their multi-shift production plan was not a problem. Its high degree of reliability has also been fully demonstrated in the work, and it has been used to produce high-quality prints for high-standard customers. Heidelberg developed the Speedmaster CD 74 to meet the needs of packaging and printing companies because these companies received There are fewer and fewer jobs, such as when printing cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging and/or labels, and some special companies can also use it to produce plastic cards and labels.In addition, this printer is for some integrated commercial printers. This is very desirable because they often need to be frequently replaced between prints of different thicknesses and formats.The CD 74 offers these customers a highly automated operation, which greatly shortens the time required for preparation and installation. Simple.”Time and consumption are key cost factors, and the CD 74 reduces these costs”, explained Thomas Frank Since the press is controlled by the CP 2000 Center, it can also be completely integrated into the workflow. Functional and aesthetic design in the field of mechanical engineering are not mutually exclusive, this fact is particularly evident in the CD 74 In January 2001, it won the “Top Ten Awards” presented by the Hannover Industrial Design Forum.The review team selected the CD 74 as one of the top ten designs out of 1,320 new products.There are two kinds of Speedmaster CD 74 in Heidelberg. Format - F format and C format - to meet the needs of two different groups of customers CD 74-F is a product designed for packaging and label printing companies. Its maximum paper format of 6074 cm ensures that each page can be printed the most Individual repeats.The CD 74-C has a page size of 53x74 cm and is therefore ideal for general commercial printers who already have the Speedmaster SM 74. Plates can be interchanged between the two presses and therefore can be mutual Complement and bring additional flexibility to the printing company. C format models will be available in the fourth quarter of 2001. For more information please contact: Heidelberg China Ltd. Mr Zhong Zhong Tel: +86-10-6467 2888-853 Fax: +86-10-6468 2200 E-mail: louis.delberg.com or visit our news website

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