Food bottle packaging is safe

February 17, 2021

The food bottle packaging is in direct contact with food and serves as a container for ensuring that the food is contaminated by the outside world. Therefore, the quality and safety of the food bottle itself will determine the safety of the food. Recently, food bottle quality and safety issues have also been repeatedly exposed. From the bisphenol A bottle to the liquor bottle cap incident, the safety of the food bottle packaging affects the nerves of the general public.

For the quality of the food bottle, QS hygiene production license is firstly used as a threshold for food bottle production. It imposes strict requirements on the manufacturer's production. If the purchaser and supplier are strictly enforced, then the food bottle is a great guarantee for safety. In addition, our relevant departments will also regularly inspect food bottle packaging, and how to form a long-term mechanism during inspections. This is our relevant department worthy of reviewing and reflecting on. For food bottle packaging, we believe that the most important thing is the self-discipline of the manufacturer. On the one hand is the temptation of buyers to reject low prices, in strict accordance with QS standards to purchase food bottles, the other is the food bottle manufacturers to strengthen self-discipline.

In short, the safety of food bottles is no small matter, and we hope that the majority of food bottle manufacturers should pay attention to them.

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