Food bottle packaging export regulations

July 10, 2021

Food bottle packaging, we have always been concerned about the safety of packaging. Indeed, food bottle packaging is an important “valve” for food safety and has a very important and close relationship with food safety.

However, we are going to talk about the export of food bottle packaging today. With the increasing competition in the domestic market, food bottle packaging exports are also a way to seek market expansion. However, based on the particularity of food bottles, the export of food bottles is different from other packaging products. That is, every country has different policies, regulations and requirements for food packaging. To export food bottle packaging, it is necessary to study the local policies and regulations, and comply with the local specific requirements and regulations for food bottle packaging. This requires our food bottle packaging manufacturers to step up their efforts in this area.

In short, the export of food bottle packaging is a relatively complicated matter. Our packaging manufacturers should do more work before exporting.

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