Floor selection: Beware of the drying process but not off

February 21, 2021

Moisture content is the lifeline of wood. The wood for processing the floor must be degreased, dehydrated, and maintained ( typed ) to ensure the intrinsic quality of the floor. Under normal circumstances, the drying technology of large manufacturers can reach the standard, but some small manufacturers are prone to deformation, distortion, cracking, and insects due to the lack of equipment and technology.

Professionals pointed out that the floor where the problem occurred was mostly due to the drying process, and there was no such process at all. The moisture content of the floor was high, and it was deformed by the temperature in the dry season in the north. Therefore, professionals are reminded that when purchasing solid wood flooring, well-known brand products should be selected. If there is no accurate water content data reference when selecting, it is best to ask the quality inspection department for testing, and also choose two boards to knock each other, if the sound Clarity is basically in line with the requirements; if the sound is boring, most of them are unqualified.

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