Eye makeup tips become fascinating electric eyes

November 25, 2021

MMs all know the important points of eye makeup, but also want to master the eye makeup skills, creating a charming charm electric eye. Today, Xiaobian recommends eye makeup tips for everyone. Come and learn to create eye-catching makeup!
Eye Makeup Tips Light Brown Eyeshadow Eye Makeup Pink Eye Shadow
Makeup Tip 1: Light brown eye shadow base
The first step in the eye makeup technique is to apply a light brown eye shadow slightly darker than the skin color to the tail of the eye at the 1/2 position of the eyelid. The lower eye tail also performs the eye base. As shown in FIG.
Makeup Tip 2: Dark Brown Eyes
Eye Makeup Next, use a deep coffee eye shadow pen or a fine eye shadow stick to draw the shape of the "<" symbol at the end of the eye along the arc of the eye.
Makeup Tip 3: Halo Eyeshadow
The third part of eye makeup is to use the clean eye shadow brush to smudge the eye shadow color block at the top and bottom of the previous step.
Makeup Tip 4: Light Pink Eyes
The fourth step of eye makeup is to choose a light pink eye shadow that is not too heavy. The large area is brushed in the upper and lower eyes and the eye socket to the position below the brow bone.
Makeup Tip 5: Deep Pink Eyes
The fifth step of eye makeup is to gently apply the dark pink eye shadow to the center of the eyelid, which is the protrusion of the eyeball. Such a deep color of the tail of the eye, the makeup technique with a lighter color in the eye does not appear to be swollen.
Makeup Tip 6: Fainting
The sixth step of eye makeup is to use a clean cotton swab to smudge the line between pink and brown eyeshadow from the eye to the end of the eye, highlighting the beautiful layering of color. However, in this makeup process, we must pay attention to the eye shadow line when smudged different colors, we must make the eye makeup natural, not turbid layer beauty.

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