Easy high wardrobe: smart wood wardrobe true and false

April 16, 2021

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Solid wood wardrobe is made of logs on raw materials. In modern society, with the improvement of the quality of life, people gradually began to pursue the "green" home environment, the same for furniture, and its "health and environmental protection" performance has gradually become the focus of attention.

Nowadays, solid wood wardrobes are increasingly popular with consumers because of their natural beauty and environmental protection functions. The more logs you use in your wardrobe, the less harmful chemicals you have and the more environmentally friendly. In order to "balance" the relationship between the price increase of logs and the reduction of production costs, some merchants have borrowed various tricks to "maintain" the solid wood "identity" of the wardrobe.

Solid wood wardrobe

Solid wood wardrobes have high requirements on craftsmanship and technology. To build a high-quality solid wood wardrobe with real cultural precipitation, it is necessary to have a long history of experience and accumulation of craftsmanship. Otherwise, the manufactured product is likely to lack the soul and essence, just a piece of wood that is dispensable, and it is likely that the process is not mature, the production process is improper, cracking and deformation occur.

There are three types of common "fake solid wood wardrobe custom" practices:

The first category is the most common: a layer of solid wood veneer on the surface of the closet is very similar to the solid wood wardrobe, but the service life is shorter than the solid wood wardrobe. This is one of the most common methods of forgery and is relatively easy to identify. Due to the veneer, the wood grain on the surface of the wardrobe is clear but irregular, and the texture of the front and back of the wardrobe cannot correspond. When consumers buy, they can easily identify them as long as they are carefully observed.

The second type of practice is as follows: the "finger-jointed board" made up of deep-processed solid wood blocks is used as the base material of the pure solid wood wardrobe, and then the outer surface of the solid wood is more deceptive. Some merchants are selling the so-called pure solid wood wardrobes in the name of a certain valuable wood wardrobe. In fact, the auxiliary materials are used in another relatively cheap wood. Buyers who don't know the details tend to think that the entire wardrobe is made of such precious wood and it costs a lot of money.

Wardrobe customization

The third category is the counterfeiting practices that have emerged in the market with higher tactics and consumers can hardly find them. The front and back finger joints of this kind of wardrobe are completely different, even the position of the finger joints is not corresponding. The processing method is that the front and back of the wood are thin finger joint boards, and the center position of the board is various plywood or A variety of waste wood.

Therefore, when consumers buy solid wood wardrobes, they must carefully identify and carefully purchase them. It is best to find custom-made brands such as Yigao custom furniture, which are internationally renowned solid wood wardrobes. Pure solid wood is pure solid wood, solid wood is solid wood. Layer, let consumers clear the material, quality is guaranteed. At the same time, Yigao customization will also be responsible for the custom link of each wardrobe of consumers, so that consumers can clearly understand

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