[DIY Wardrobe] What are the things to pay attention to in the DIY wardrobe?

July 15, 2021

[Chinese Wardrobe] [Difficulty] The overall wardrobe is popular with people for its fashionable appearance, good use of space and the trend and change of the home decoration style. Recently, the popular DIY wardrobe is freely matched and flexible. The idea of ​​freewheeling has won the favor of the younger generation. So, what are the things to pay attention to in DIY wardrobes, DIY wardrobes?

[Question] What are the things to pay attention to in DIY wardrobe?

DIY wardrobe

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Generally, the young couple's clothing is diversified. The DIY wardrobe can be set up as a storage space for men and women on the left and right sides. The hangers in the cabinet are usually divided into two layers to store the coat and the top, and the shirt can prevent the independent small drawer. Or in the partition, so as not to squeezing too much clothes and wrinkles unsightly; underwear, tie, socks, etc. can be used for special small lattice, which is beneficial to the maintenance of clothes, and the object is more intuitive and convenient; the sweater can be placed in a deep drawer. Pants are stored in a dedicated rack.

If it is used by the elderly, there are many stacked clothes and fewer hanging pieces. Therefore, in the design, it is recommended to do the diy wardrobe, do more layers and drawers, often open the drawer position, do not diy design too low, so as to avoid the inconvenience of the elderly to pick up the object.

If it is a DIY wardrobe for children, the most important thing is that the design can't just consider the front. The children's clothes are definitely more than the hanging clothes, but the child's growth is very fast and needs to be 5 years or even 10 years. The factors of change are taken into account.

Therefore, the proper ratio of the stacking area and the hanging area is also very important; children's diy wardrobes are generally multi-functional, and children's products such as toys, books, and clothes are placed at the same time to realize a multi-purpose cabinet; in addition, children are considered. Height factors, common items should be convenient to avoid accidents, be careful not to design drawers and other accessories that can be pulled out at the height of the child's head, so as to avoid accidents such as collisions due to lack of timely recovery.

Among them, the height of the wardrobe of hanging short clothes or suits is not less than 800cm, the height of the hanging coat is not less than 1300cm, the height of the drawer is not less than 150cm-300cm, and the cabinets of stacked clothes are folded after the clothes are folded. In terms of the width, the cabinet is designed to have a width of 330-400cm and a height of not less than 350cm. The upper end of the whole wardrobe is usually set up to place unused items such as quilts, and the height is not less than 400cm.


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