Create two environmentally friendly panels for healthy and environmentally friendly wardrobes

April 16, 2021

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In several large bedroom furniture, it is necessary to pay attention to the environmental protection of custom wardrobes . First of all, because the main material of the custom closet is the plate, if you choose the unqualified and polluting products, it will undoubtedly bring a big "cancer" to the bedroom, so many businesses are scrambling to develop new plates to create a healthy and environmentally friendly wardrobe. .

Environmentally friendly wardrobe

The aldehyde-free board and the fragrant board are the newly developed environmentally-friendly sheets, which have their own advantages and play an important role in creating environmentally-friendly sheets.

First, the aldehyde-free wood board

The aldehyde-free fine wood board has five major advantages: high strength, strong internal bonding force, small linear expansion, high nail holding power and good water resistance.

Wardrobe plate

1. High strength: When the oriented structural plate is manufactured, the structure is paved in a certain direction. This arrangement improves the strength of the plate, and the longitudinal bending strength of the oriented structural plate is much larger than the lateral direction.

2. Strong internal bonding force: The inner structure of the directional structural plate is oriented structure, and there are a large number of long piece structures. The internal bonding strength is extremely high. It also shows that the bonding strength of the plate itself is stable, does not stratify, and is also a uniform structure. The performance of the board.

3, the linear expansion is small: the oriented structural plate is generally a three-layer structure, the upper and lower two-layer structure is arranged vertically, and the core layer structure is arranged horizontally. The process of the restructured wooden structure eliminates the internal stress of the wood, and the plate has a good Overall uniformity, so it can be stable and not deformed.

4, high nail holding power: in the construction of the construction, the plate needs to be nailed, so the nail holding power is an indicator that must be paid attention to. The bonding strength in OSB is extremely high, there is no joint at any place in the sheet, there are no gaps and cracks, and the overall uniformity is good.

5, good water resistance: the use of water-resistant adhesives in the manufacture of oriented structural panels, so the water resistance of the panels is good, in most cases do not require additional special moisture-proof treatment, generally can be directly applied outdoors.

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