Can exercise and fitness delay human aging?

September 09, 2021


With the increase of age, aging is inevitable after all. Exercise and fitness can delay the aging of the body. Although it can not make people rejuvenate and grow old, it can make people prolong life and grow stronger. Appropriate exercise for the elderly can not only enhance physical function, but also improve the health problems of some common troubled elderly people.

The health of bones and muscles directly affects the quality of life of the elderly. Exercise and fitness have a very good effect on bones and muscles. With the increase of age, trace elements in the bones of the elderly are gradually lost, and osteoporosis is a common health problem in the elderly. Exercise and fitness is the most effective way to prevent and treat osteoporosis. Regular exercise can improve the blood circulation of the bones, strengthen the metabolism of the bones, maintain and improve the elasticity and toughness of the bone, thereby delaying the aging process of the bone cells. At the same time, exercise and fitness can make muscle fibers thicker, improve the contractility, conductivity and reactivity of muscle fibers, make muscles and ligaments more tough and powerful, and delay the decline of muscle function.


Cardiovascular problems are also a health problem that older people often face. Exercise can enhance the function of the cardiovascular system. Appropriate physical exercise can increase cardiac excitability, enhance myocardial contractility, expand coronary artery, improve blood circulation, and improve myocardial oxygen utilization. At the same time, exercise can also reduce blood lipids, delay hardening of the arteries, and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

The respiratory function of the elderly is low, and aerobic exercise can exercise the respiratory system well and barely function. Regular physical exercise, especially suitable aerobic exercise, can increase the strength and endurance of the respiratory muscles, increase lung ventilation, increase alveolar ventilation rate, maintain the elasticity of the lung tissue and the activity of the thoracic, and delay the insufficiency of alveolar activity. Aging process.

There is also a benefit to the exercise and fitness of the respiratory system: the improvement of the function of the respiratory system can improve the metabolism of the internal organs and strengthen the function of the internal organs of the whole body. This is very helpful for the elderly to maintain the function of the internal organs. The decline of nervous system function is also a health problem for the elderly. Regular participation in physical exercise can improve the function of the central system and delay brain aging. Exercise can improve the excitability of the cerebral cortical nerve process, shorten the reaction time, and improve the function of the brain center. Exercise and fitness can also prevent cerebral arteriosclerosis and maintain a good blood supply to the brain. In addition, exercise and fitness can also improve neuromuscular function, so that the body's balance, coordination and control ability, which has a positive effect on the prevention of falls.

Regular participation in sports activities, due to the need for muscle activity, the function of the digestive system is strengthened, the gastrointestinal tract peristalsis is strengthened, blood circulation is improved, the secretion of digestive juice is increased, and the absorption of nutrients is accelerated. For the elderly with weaker digestive system, exercise and fitness can help improve their digestive function.

Exercise and fitness have a positive effect on the maintenance of physical function of the elderly. In order to prolong the disease and prolong life, the elderly should adhere to scientific and appropriate exercise and fitness.

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