Borealis Develops New Medical Sealing Film Products

July 04, 2019

The world's leading producer of innovative plastic products, Borealis TD109CF, is a new member of Bormed's family of health care polyolefin products. It is a sealing material for PP. This new product combines high Transparency, high purity, good sealing and antibacterial properties. The end user can produce child care bags, FFS films, medical device packaging caps, blister packaging caps, etc. from the advantages of using such products. Along with the introduction of this new product, Borealis also offers a range of solutions for the medical film industry.

This new material meets the medical industry's requirements for polymer purity because the materials used in the medical industry must have very low solubility and precipitation of impurities. At the same time, this new material has also passed the certification of medical related regulations, including Pharmacopoea and FDA certification.

Reprinted from: "Global Flexible Packaging Industry"

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