Apple launches CarPlay to bridge the car

February 26, 2021

When many people are questioning whether Apple can still have the glory of Steve Jobs. Apple gave people a big surprise. In 2014, it officially released the iOS 7.1 system and added the CarPlay software, which was announced at the 2013 conference: ios in the car. The emergence of CarPlay means that Apple has taken another big step in the automotive industry. This new software industry will be at the heart of Apple's new strategy.

The promotion of Carplay is mainly to use people to listen to music and news while talking while driving. And it is mainly through the iphone as the core and the car's own system is closely integrated, through the touch, voice, steering wheel control key operation to complete the call, texting, navigation and listening to music operations. This is completely in line with people's habit of driving. But so far Carpiay can only be used on iPhone5s, iPhone5c, iPhone5, and must also be upgraded to ios7.1 system, does not support ipad. But what is certain is that the iPhone will be supported later.

Is Apple's use of the car system only for entertainment, navigation, hands-free calling or using Siri to send information. of course not. On the official website of Apple, there will be more applications to be launched, which means that the function of carplay will be greatly improved. In addition, there will be corresponding applications in the Apple Store, such as Glympse, which will tell you how long people will arrive, Life 360 ​​to help you find a parking space, and Open Table to help you book a hotel. These will make it easier for you to drive.

The use of Carplay The biggest problem for Apple and mobile app developers is how to maintain the same user experience across different models. At present, Apple pointed out that users can use Siri, touch screen, and various physical dialing keys to control CarPlay. Different interaction modes are developed by developers in different ways. Of course, since iOS is the system that touches the first, touch is the most convenient way to interact.

For now, Carplay is still a newborn baby for Apple, but it cannot be denied that its release leads the advocacy of smart cars. Carplay is a platform for cars to use Apple's iOS system, and this platform is fully open to the outside world. In fact, it is more conducive to Apple's development in the automotive industry. Although this interaction design is very convenient, on the other level, such a simple manual interaction will be subject to some restrictions in the car, so it is also necessary to pay special attention when driving.

Apple used Carplay to set up a platform for its own system, and Carplay used Apple's advantages to broaden its broader field. This kind of mutually beneficial cooperation makes Apple set up a bridge between the automobile industry and the automobile industry. Then, in the end, can it bring new glory to Apple, and we will wait and see if we are out of the shadow of Steve Jobs.

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