Analysis of Causes of Poor Sealing of Widemouth Bottles

August 14, 2019

Author: Tangshan Yong-hong plastic products factory Chenen Hong

With the development of the beverage market, beverage product packaging has become diversified. The long-term development of beverage vials in the market has benefited from the fact that the caps and the bottle mouths are equipped with elastic inner cushions inside the caps to achieve the sealing effect of the products. With the introduction of large-mouth bottles, there are no elastic mats for their caps. During the production process, especially after high-temperature filling, the products will often degenerate and break after passing through the market for a period of time. This affects the credibility of the beverage manufacturers and causes losses. After a long period of analysis and investigation, the problems found in Tangshan Yonghong Plastic Products Factory were found to be such that the required sealing degree was not achieved between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap. The reasons are as follows: 1. During the manufacturing process of the tube blank, scratches occur on the inner wall of the bottle mouth; secondly, during the process of making the tube blank and blowing the bottle mouth, there will be a weak notch and a crushing deformation; During the filling and cooking process, the bottle mouth can also be deformed and damaged. Fourth, the bottle cap and the bottle mouth are mainly sealed by the inner ring plug of the bottle cap. Among them, the inner ring plug of the bottle cap also has a sealing ring plug during the production process. The gaps and scratches; 2. The bottle cap and the bottle mouth are made of hard materials, and the sealing of the contact surface cannot reach the required sealing degree. These shortcomings are not easily discovered in time, causing great hidden dangers to the product, which in turn causes significant losses and impacts on the company and can cause harm to consumers.

In connection with the investigation, Tangshan Yonghong Plastic Products Factory placed a very strong sealing ring inside the large-mouth bottle cap. The structure on the bottle mouth has also been improved to seal the bottle mouth and the bottle cap. It has been completely perfected. Its structural characteristics are: 1. The seal ring has good elasticity, flexibility, and hygienic; 2. The inner wall of the cap, the inner wall of the bottle mouth, and the top of the bottle cap are formed on the structure [source: Zhonghua Packaging Bottle Net]. The three contact surfaces can achieve a good seal, with multiple sealing effects, can make their products reach 100%; 3. In the production of tube blanks, blow bottles, the bottle mouth of the gap, scratches and filling Deformation, hard materials such as bottle caps and bottle mouths have been fully compensated and improved.

Comparing the performance of the above products, the improved patented product of the inner ring and bottle structure of the added bottle cap developed by Tangshan Yonghong Plastic Products Factory and its fully-equipped fully-automatic loading machine Nissan reached 300,000 units, solving the above problems. The appearance of the bottle fills up the gap in the sealing of the large-mouth bottle, avoids the phenomenon of large-scale deterioration and breakage of the product, as well as the return of customers and consumers, reduces the loss of the enterprise, and also allows consumers to eat Safer placement

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