Anaerobic incubator should be carried out in a stable temperature environment

February 26, 2021

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Stable anaerobic state The anaerobic incubator also has anaerobic operation functions. The stability of the anaerobic state includes: 1. The anaerobic incubator has good air tightness, so that the inner chamber of the box is at a stable anaerobic level during operation and maintenance 2. The design of the operation hole is reasonable, which is convenient for the operator to enter and exit the cabinet with both hands, and also reduces the chance of outside air entering the anaerobic inner cavity, ensuring the stable anaerobic level of the internal cavity of the cabinet when hand in and out; The design of the cabin is reasonable, which not only facilitates the rapid entry and exit of samples into the box, but also reduces the chance of outside air entering the anaerobic lumen, ensuring a stable anaerobic level in the chamber when the sample is transferred. The anaerobic incubator with high-performance materials (strong anti-aging ability) can reduce the risk of aging, cracking and leakage of the outer wall, and ensure the stability of anaerobic under normal conditions. The design of the quick and convenient operation hole and the transmission chamber and the design of the positive pressure of the inner cavity is a scientific design that reduces the chance of outside air infiltrating into the inner cavity during hand in and hand out and sample transfer. This factor should be considered as an indicator. The cultivation of anaerobic bacteria with stable temperature should be carried out in a stable temperature environment. The temperature stability of the anaerobic incubator directly affects the reliability of the cultivation results. The temperature system of the inner cavity is realized by gas convection, and a good inner cavity convection design is the key technology for temperature stability. The cultivation of anaerobic bacteria with stable humidity should be carried out in an appropriate and stable humidity environment. Excessively high or low humidity environment can easily cause the appearance of bacterial atypical biological traits, which directly affects the judgment of identification results. In addition, because the anaerobic incubator is a closed inner cavity, the evaporation of a large amount of medium water easily causes the generation of condensed water, which on the one hand is the cause of biological pollution, and on the other hand, it is also easy to make bacterial colonies disappear Growth), all cause failure in culture. Therefore, the efficient humidity control function should also be the key to stable humidity. Possibility of anti-pollution Since the anaerobic incubator has the dual functions of operation and cultivation, the disinfection of the internal cavity is crucial to the success of the experiment. It is essential to support the functions of ultraviolet disinfection and strong oxidation disinfection. High-performance anti-aging materials can allow ultraviolet disinfection and strong oxidant disinfection to meet the disinfection and sterilization needs of the anaerobic incubator's internal and special circumstances, and should be considered as a priority indicator.

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