3D printing God restores the nuclear bomb in "Radiation 4": fine details

October 26, 2021

We often see in the film and television works that the protagonist wants to carry the bomb with the enemy, but most of the time, due to the presence of the protagonist aura, the bomb will not explode.

Well, but with the development of 3D printing technology, we can make more interesting gadgets ourselves, in short, print everything. Do you still have a bomb to go to life? This is too outdated, hold a nuclear bomb to desperately, what do you think!

"Radiation 4" is undoubtedly a super hot game, and foreign player Redicubricks has already extended the palm of the hand to "Radiation 4". We won't say those mods. Now, he has used the 3D printing technology that is familiar to the sky, and almost completely restored the mini-nuclear bomb in "Radiation 4"!

This fat, its ugly nuclear bomb is the most powerful weapon in "Radiation 4". Fortunately, in real life, it will not explode!

However, this nearly 100% true mini-nuclear bomb is still missing something, such as a nuclear bomb launcher. I don't know Redicubricks. Will it be complete in the later days, so that it should not be so lonely. Even if it really doesn't need to be launched.

At present, Redicubricks is planning to disclose the 3D printed data files of this mini-nuclear bomb. It suddenly feels terrible. Fortunately, these nuclear bombs will not explode. Otherwise, in such mass production, if there is a pile of dense nuclear bomb models, will there be an explosive nuclear explosion? The feeling of war, this is really...

There have been many analysts who believe that human beings will eventually destroy the technology they have created, and in some so-called human destructionism, the idea that nuclear war will lead to the extinction of our humanity has always been endless, so we use 3D. It’s good to print and play the model. As for the real nuclear bomb, we still want to live longer, I hope it will never explode again on the earth.


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