April 11, 2019

The cost analysis of environmental protection packaging is different from the traditional packaging cost analysis. It is in the initial stage of product design, we must consider the analysis of the performance of product recycling, recycling, etc. In addition, whether the expenditure of environmen

April 10, 2019

Patent Name High Sealed Cement Bag Patent Applicant Liang Zhisheng Principal Applicant Address 537403 Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Beiliu Min Le Town Minle No.1 Transfer Inventor Liang Zhisheng Application (Patent) No. 200520002963.1 Date of Application 2005.01.06 Issue Date Approval Notice No

April 10, 2019

United States MarquipWardUnited Company provides two types of SV2000 and Graphix Master round press die cutting machine production lines for the corrugated box industry. Both models are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 66x80 inches to 75x190 inches. In the global carton factory has mor

April 08, 2019

formula: Copper oxide powder (320 mesh, calcined at 900°C for 3 hours)........4 to 4.5 Phosphoric acid-aluminium hydroxide solution......................1 Phosphoric acid - aluminum hydroxide solution preparation: In 100ml of phosphoric acid was slowly added aluminum hydroxide 5 ~ 8g, the so

March 31, 2019

Abstract: This article explores the intuitive thinking problem in logo design. The article focuses on the application of intuitive thinking in China's modern logo design. The article illustrates the value of intuitive thinking in Chinese modern logo design creativity through the application of

March 30, 2019

That is, the characteristics of coating film and precoat film coating product That is, the film coating product has the following features. (1) Foaming and stripping are prone to occur, and blistering and stripping are particularly serious in large-area field printing or in high-humidity working