May 08, 2021

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] [Chinese wardrobe net ] Japanese style gives people the feeling of warmth and relaxation. In a piece of wood color home, it integrates green plants or flowers, as if living in a paradise. The Japanese pastoral style is warmer and more practical than the pure r

May 07, 2021

Everyone wants to buy cost-effective products when buying cabinets. Both the quality and the price must not be too high. In this way, it is the most suitable to choose Senbaixi cabinets. Senbixi cabinets are all made of E0 grade plates with the highest environmental protection level, equipp

May 07, 2021

The compound salt spray test chamber can support salt spray corrosion, humidity (high temperature and high humidity, low temperature and low humidity), drying (heat drying, air drying) and other tests can be satisfied at the same time. It is widely used in the testing of plating, coating and other

May 05, 2021

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In the real space, it is very important to choose the correct position in the wardrobe , cabinet, cabinet door and accessories. Therefore, you need to master the skills when purchasing the wardrobe, and buy the newly bought wardrobe. When you put it home, you

May 04, 2021

Shanghai Xinzhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of intelligent biological incubators. Intelligent artificial climate box product alias: Artificial climate incubator climate chamber constant temperature and humidity climate chamber Intelligent artificial climate box pr

May 04, 2021

In this sunny season, we are always sunburned accidentally, and some subsequent post-sun repair work after sunburn is particularly important. Most people prefer to use a post-sun repair mask. But do you really understand the problems with the mask used after sunburn ? How does the repair mask afte

April 29, 2021

Water heaters are one of the most widely used kitchen and bathroom appliances in modern home life. There are many brands of water heaters on the market, and the quality is different. Many owners have a headache when choosing. The famous brands are good, but the price is also high. Everyone