June 13, 2021

People in modern society are pursuing healthy ways to lose weight. Dieting and losing weight are neither safe nor healthy. Breakfast is the most important part of weight loss. Not only should you eat but also eat well and eat nutritiously . It is recommended to follow the cr

June 12, 2021

This kit is used to determine the content of dengue antibody (DF Ab) in human serum, plasma and related liquid samples. Experimental principle: This kit uses the double antigen sandwich method to determine the level of human dengue antibody (DF Ab) in the specimen. The microparticle plate is coated

June 10, 2021

Halloween : napkin DIY ghost Handmade materials: napkins, rubber bands, pens Overall Reflex LED Operating Light Germany imported beads Imported French lens mould Die-casting Eight edge type Revolving arm Optional emergency power

June 09, 2021

Recommendation 1: North American style of Zhibang cabinets Price: 17152.00 Reason for recommendation: The application of the double pentagonal cabinet perfectly activates the corner space. The appearance is simple and elegant, the door panel adopts special processing technology, the shape

June 06, 2021

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] "Double Eleven" shopping carnival as scheduled, the promotion of major businesses also reached the moment of harvest results. For the wardrobe enterprises, in the first half of the market downturn, in order to sprint the annual sales task, the pr

June 06, 2021

It is well known that high and low temperature test chambers have a wide temperature range, and standard equipment can be used at temperatures as low as -70 ° C and high temperatures as high as 150 ° C. Applied to various industries, the issue of the safe use of equipment has always been a c

June 05, 2021

Halloween Dress Up Props Black Cat with Eyes Bone Turning Hardness Tester Hardness testers use a differential-depth method. The test consists of placing an on the material, then applying a minor load, which establishes the zero position. After the minor load, a majo